Welcome to the  Texas Paranormal Detectives website! We help those who are have some very out of the normal experiences on properties, households, hotels and more. We have plenty of experience in the paranormal. We are a non-profit organization but we do accept tips.

Are we looking for any volunteer investigators?

we are!

All volunteers are required to have an evp recorder.

all volunteers who want a position with the Texas Paranormal Detectives are required to go through training with all devices that are used in all investigations. If you have a night vision camcorder you may bring it but if anything happens to it, it is on you. If you are interested please visit our contact page. ALL APPLICANTS MUST HAVE TRANSPORTATION! All Applicants will be put to a test by going on at least one investigation before hire.

positions that are open are:

Investigator 2

investigator 3

tech person

home-base manager

Contact Us


We are here to help just call 210-773-4406

or email us @texasparanormaldetectives@gmail.com

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